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Writing an academic essay: argument and criticality

I think it it’s something that early on in undergrad to do sort of I think everyone went with the same approach of her you look at what other people have said you kind of write about that and then the conclusion you kind of summarize stuff and then it’s critical thing that’s kind of moving from that to a what somebody has written isn’t necessarily right and there are opposing views and you can disagree with it you can create very anything you know say by reading lots of different things more way to reading you do the more you can further your own opinion and then create that into an argument against maybe the common thoughts on my area and then use make that opinion your key focus I think you have to find where your opinion fits with the existing literature so you have your own opinion but you see how existing literature can support it and you also have to find the existing literature that might be in opposition to it and kind of figure out where you fit in to the puzzle so I think key for legal argument is clarity of thought and evaluating and analyzing where the law currently stands but having your own personal view essentially in there as well but without missing out any of the key opinions held by leading practitioners in the field the key thing I say is an argument seems like a basic thing but as long as you argue your point and have your own train of thought through the whole essay and have a continual focus so I’d make the most of the you know lecturers tutors everyone else that’s available to me and I’ve been able to talk to somebody about it and see if you’re kind of going along you know that the right lines before you actually write an essay or before you go and sit the exam I think it’s largely about argument I think it’s also about being able to weigh up different points of view and come to your own ground on them it’s I’d say half about argument half potentially about compromise or rationalizing different views against each other to come to potentially a synthesis

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